Sunday, April 10, 2011

On April 2nd I turned ONE on April 3rd they gave me cake!

 Just wanted to update you with some photos from Selah's 1st birthday party! We celebrated on Sunday the day after her birthday with a small group of great friends and their kids. I made some awesome rainbow cupcakes with cream cheese frosting...which later sent Selah into an unfortunate sugar crash:( But! it was a great day had by all:) with eating sweets and praying some blessings over Selah and her many awesome years to follow.

Having a one year old is so much fun! Selah has always been active since the womb, but watching her walk around everywhere in the house, get out onto the floor with all the grown ups at church and dance and worship, and explore climbing under and over everything that gets in her way is such a joy. We really love who she is, she is so full of life and fun. We are so grateful for her and could not possibly ask for a better first year for Selah.

As for other news, we are learning so much about our awesome God its hard to even contain it all. Good thing he instructs us in our spirits as well as our minds so that in some way we will remember and retain it all. We've had so much time to just sit and listen to God, we feel more connected to Him then we have in a long time and it was really necessary for us. We are coming to find more and more that we don't really care what happens while we are here, we just want to love Him and trust Him more, He is so worth it. He continues to provide for us in fun ways like random checks from friends and family, a car that we paid $1.00 for that is in excellent condition, and the roof over our head that we should not be able to afford right now:) We really want to bless and honor all of you who have been standing with us and contending for us. You know who you are! So to YOU, we bless you, and we ask God that He would pour out blessings over you and your family, that you would reap greatly from what you have been sowing into us and that you would receive favor just like we have in these past two months. We especially want to thank our parents and  our siblings who have continued to believe in the vision that we have, never once have they told us that we were foolish, or that we should not go through with what we feel God saying. We are sure they have been worried for us, like any family would be, but they have not projected any of their fears or worries on us and we believe that is a major part of why we have been able to stay so strong and so confident in this season. THANK YOU:)

We've had days where we don't understand how we are going to make it, why we don't have a job yet, will we ever have a job!? etc...but then God shows up, and fills us with confidence in Him and makes us realize once again that we could do everything in our power to succeed,but being connected to Him and following His words has been our greatest success yet! This time is so precious to our family, and although it is totally hard and scary to watch the money in your bank account decrease weekly with no clue of how it will be replaced, we wouldn't trade this time/process/growth/trial for anything literally anything else in the world.

So blessings to you friends and family that have stuck by us and believed in us and continued to encourage us even when to mans eye it looks like nothing is happening. So MUCH is happening! Please carry these testimonies in your heart, and consider trusting Him in ways you never have before.
We love you so much!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes and blessings for Selah too! :)

Selah's banner
Homemade birthday hat:)
Homemade cupcakes and cupcake stand!

Inside of her rainbow cupcakes!

Sugar crash:)


  1. Your kids will be just a teeny bit farther spaced than our boys ... it's great!

    When we were pregnant with our second, we had no jobs either. We still look back on it as a great time in our lives.

    Love to you guys. :)

  2. Happy Birthday sweet little Selah! We are with you, friends. Love you!