Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Goodbye March, Hello April

God has continued to move forward, even when Tabitha and I are not aware of it.  We end March and enter April with deeper fellowship, a car, a first Morningstar conference, and a first birthday.  Though to the world, we may seem to be sitting still, so much is going on.  I think the beginning of Joshua reflects many key shifts that we are experiencing.

"Moses, my servant, is dead." Joshua 1:2

I think we are learning more and more that the things we used to do in the past won't work.  The old way of praying just doesn't work.  The old logic is now faulty.  The old standards now fall short of revealed dreams and expectations.  The old signs are no longer useful, pointing toward things that have already been fulfilled.  We are in a season where we have had to admit to ourselves that what once was, no longer is.  I was once in prayer about John G. Lake, yearning for those healings to happen again.  And I desperately wanted the days of John Lake to return, when I heard the Lord say," Scott, Lake is dead."  It has been a difficult experience.  We always want to "re-live" the "Golden Era", but that is not scriptural.  The Lord says that the latter will be greater than the former, therefore the Golden Era is not something in the past, but something yet to be entered into.  This is the truth that we are forced to believe in.  What once was was good, but it is nothing like what will be experienced if we would simply let the past pass.  The past to present was awesome, but the present to future will be legendary.  That maybe why it is so difficult to believe it.  I do like a good fairytale.

"As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will not fail you or forsake you." Joshua 1:5b

We have heard so many testimonies here about people who have done the same thing we have done.  We have met several families, many from NYC, that left home with nothing but the word of the Lord to guide them.  No home, no car, no jobs.  Tabitha recently met one woman that has been here for 8 years with no job and the Lord continues to provide for her needs.  There is something about promises, especially really good ones, that we are tempted to disqualify ourselves from.  Part of us has been tempted to think that God will not be as good to us and that we are trapped in struggle.  Yet, we find ourselves with a very nice car that was given to us by an amazing family from Kansas City.  Just as Moses knew the goodness/fullness of God (Ex 33) we are now seeing God's goodness go before us and feel like we can inherit what He has called us to.  What a sign (a car) that God is getting ready to move us into something!  The prophetic speaks of cars as dealing with the family/personal identity and a movement of God.  This car comes to us from the International House of Prayer.  A car that came literally from intercession.  Oh yeah!

"When we heart it, our hearts melted, neither did spirit or courage remain any more in any man because of you, for the Lord your God, He is God in heaven above and on earth beneath." Joshua 2:11

We are learning that God has truly prepared this place for us.  We came here with a lot of fear and mistrust, but that is breaking.  No one likes being wrong, especially after taking such a big leap.  More and more we are realizing how perfect this place if for us.  God has placed some awesome things here for us.  Tabitha has found out that she has opportunity to dance, we both have opportunity to pursue the prophetic (Tabitha just finished the Advanced Prophetic Conference and is putting her knew knowledge to immediate use), and I am finding new outlets for writing and developing ties to people I would have never dreamed of pursuing God with.  It is quite awesome.  We are gaining boldness, not because we feel like we have so much to offer, but because of what God has done.  We really do feel like our destiny lies in this place.  We are beginning to contend for a home and roots for our children.  We dream of Selah, Baby-on-the-way, and siblings to follow would have roots here and be a part of this place.  More and more we are seeing with all 6 senses that He is Lord.

"Yet a space must be kept between you and it, about 2,000 cubits by measure; come not near it, that you may [be able to see the ark and] know the way you must go, for you have not passed this way before." Joshua 3:4

Even now, I'm writing from our Solemn Assembly that we attend at Morningstar the first Tuesday of every month.  We are learning how to approach God, how to follow Him, and stay in relation with Him in a completely new way.  We believe that we are entering into something completely new, something never seen before.  So many people ask me if I'm looking for a job and I say," Nope."  They often think I'm shirking back from responsibility and don't understand.  If you believe that, then try what I'm doing and see how it goes, lol.  I don't get upset, because I don't understand it myself.  We are walking in something that we have never encountered before.  We do feel led to ask for a house though. It makes no earthly sense to seek a house when you don't feel like seeking a job is necessary, but that's what we feel like we're supposed to do.  Some ask how I know that those are words from the Lord.  All I can reply is what the Lord told Jeremiah when he asked, we'll know it was Him when it happens.

I know that all this must seems strange to most people.  To some it is an exciting adventure.  It doesn't always feel so exciting to us, lol.  We believe that we have left a season of being constrained and are now on a journey to find the fulfillment of our destinies in God.  And we know it looks to some like we are asking for a house that we haven't earned, and are asking for resources that we haven't earned, and are asking to be a part of a move of God that we did not lay the foundation of... (Deut 6:10.11, Joshua 24:13).  We know.  But the Lord is just that good.  And yet it truly comes down to one thing and just one thing.  The moss important thing being developed is "...as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord," Joshua 24:15

 Blessings on you, faithful readers.  May the eternally happy God demonstrate His justice and righteousness to you.  May you see Him clear mountains that you stopped asking Him to clear and bring you into lands you once believe in, but have chalked up to fairytales.  


  1. Scott, I totally know how you feel about the looking for a job bit. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am in a job that God has placed me in that is healthy for me. It pays almost nothing and we can't really support ourselves but we feel like I'm where God would have me and that Danny is where God would have him be. We are running out of money but we feel like we're where God would have us for the time being. We know where we're supposed to be going but not how to get there. Danny and I are trying really hard to trust in God for the rest of it but it's totally hard. Sometimes, I look at our bank account and freak out and start trolling craigslist for jobs but nothing feels right, I don't feel led to change anything about my routine. God is leading, and that's enough for us.