Friday, February 11, 2011

An offer we could not turn down

Remember that verse I wrote a few posts ago from Psalm 138?

"The Lord will perfect that which concerns me..." vs. 8

Guess what...its TRUE!

Somehow I came across a relocation center at this church MorningStar down in the Charlotte area. The one Scott has been following for years. And now our family had started to follow and support together. Anyway, I had gone on their website almost EVERY day for months and months. Reading about all they have at their church, reading about their leaders and their schools. They have a university, a day care, AND a k-12 program! ...that's a side note:)

So after looking at this website daily, I finally noticed they had an extended stay program/ a relocation center. See, the campus that MorningStar is on used to be where PTL was. PTL was a huge ministry back in the day, maybe the 60's and 70' by Tammy Fae and Jim Bakker. They had a dream of having a Christian resort, for people to come to from all over the world and stay at their conference center/hotel and attend conferences with well known speakers/pastors. Anyway, their dream came true! And eventually they had to leave that property, but Rick Joyner and his wife Julie took over the property when God had them start MorningStar.

Because so many people move down to the Charlotte area, I guess MorningStar thought it profitable to rent out rooms in their conference center for people who are in transition. People like us:) We found out all the information quickly, we would rent a room at this hotel for extended stay $500 a month. And with the awesome provision God had JUST given us of about $7,000 this was possible! We crunched some numbers ;) and found that we would easily be able to afford to stay there, continue to pay off whatever bills we currently have (school loans YUCK!), and still have enough to buy groceries and have extra! We figured we could stay there for about 3-4 months before our money would completely run out:) But we were confident God would give us a job and a place to live before that time was up.

So we applied and got a room reserved for us for February 1st. We were scared, but everything seemed to be falling into place so quickly and so smoothly! And all we had to figure out now was how we would actually get there! So...we started to pray.

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