Friday, February 11, 2011

An even better offer we would not turn down!

"He's gonna turn it all around, just wait and see, He's gonna make everything beautiful, just in time"--Misty Edwards

In October some time, we were in church here in Brooklyn, and our pastor was talking about prayer and talking to God. We had a short little time after the teaching to just sit quietly and talk to God, and listen. It seemed as though the second I closed my eyes God began to speak. I heard His so clearly, in that kind of voice that fills your whole entire body, and you almost wonder if anyone else can hear it outside of your head and heart. I heard Him say 3 things. January 28th, Your move will be fast and surprising, Pack the two closets in your living room now because they will take the most effort.

I got really confident and encouraged from these words:) And Scott and I went home from church and began packing our closest. God was right, they did take a lot of effort;)

The January 28th kind of stuck in the back of my mind. But I never really believe God speaks that specifically until I see the thing He spoke happened. And then I always get really surprised ha.

A few days before January 28th we had a couple that really loves us make us an offer. They offered to pay for our way down to Charlotte for a week or so in order for us to scout out the land. Their idea behind it was, if we get there and find out we actually don't think we should be there, we would save ourselves a lot of hassle. Also they had hopes that we could have some time to rest, pray, get to know the area, maybe find work and housing before moving to the Relocation Center. We were so thrilled with this offer, and excited that we would actually be driving down there in just days!!

We couldn't stop thanking God for His awesome provision through these friends of ours. Once again He had written a better story! And we were so grateful. We had no idea what we would do once we got there. We had some people we wanted to spend time with, we wanted to spend time at MorningStar, and spend time with our friends Christopher and Katy, an awesome couple that had really prayed for us getting there, and even opened up there home if we ever wanted to stay with them! We had lots of ideas, but no plans, and on January 28th...we started to drive:)

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