Tuesday, June 14, 2011

more than we can handle?

Just wanted to write you all a quick update on what's been happening in the past couple of months down here in Fort Mill!

Scott and I have been going through pain and difficulty at a level we've never been at before. Which can only mean one thing to us, we must be going higher! and going deeper! Think about it, the stronger you get, the more battles you win, the harder your enemies must fight to persuade you to quit. We had a couple of weeks where it seemed like it would not end. Around every corner was another curve ball that we had to simply allow ourselves to get whacked with and call out to God as our literally only ONLY source of strength. Bigger battles, bigger giants, and in the end we will also be bigger, stronger, faster, and smarter than ever before. We have become so sure of the high calling on our life and we are willing to continue to trust God and lean not on our own understanding.

We are still living with The Smith's and we are still enjoying being their house mates. God is really starting to cause our friendship with them to grow deeper and they are really wonderful people. We are so grateful to not just share their home with them, but to share in fun conversations late at night and early in the morning. Its good fellowship and they have been so gracious to share their entire home with us:)

In May the Smith's offered to give us free rent if in exchanged we watched their daughter Mary Ella for the month of June instead of them sending her to day care. What they didn't know was that when they asked us if we would watch her, we had about $19 in our bank account and no idea how we were going to pay next months rent. YAY God!

I've been spending my days these past couple of weeks with Selah and Mary Ella and it has been so much fun. It was just the right amount of change and challenge that I needed to add to my days, not to mention Selah has a play date ALL day everyday without us even leaving the house! Its fun to watch them interact together and giggle and squeal with one another like little girls!

Scott is really pursuing his passion for web design. He kind of feels like and can see the way God has been slowly drawing him into this as a possible career for quite some time. And he really enjoys it. He is mostly self taught, with the exception of the few conversations he gets into with other web guys on occasion. And he is doing so well:) I'm really proud of how he has taken  this time where it seems like no doors have opened for him to have work, and really used it to bear fruit and bring prosperity. Way to go baby! I'm so proud of you for not giving up and continuing to pursue learning and growth from home each day! There are so many other ways you could have chosen to spend your time, but you are walking with Holy Spirit and choosing to obey each day.

The Lord has put us into contact with some other people in the area that are kind of in the same place as us right now. Little to no income spending their days praying and following the voice of the Lord wherever it might lead that day... Its nice when we can all get together and encourage one another with awesome testimonies about receiving huge checks in the mail, cash underneath the doors of apartments, divine appointments where people buy groceries or take us out to dinner or coffee etc...its awesome to see how we really don't need anything but God. And other people are finding that out too:)

We are doing really well. Along with all of the difficulties and honest turmoil of this season, there has been so much fruit so much joy and so much of God's goodness knocking on our door each day.

He is faithful. And we are continuing to walk with Him, seeing a path, but not knowing exactly where or when it will turn. We love Him:)

Oh yea! In other news...I'm starting to train with my housemate to run a half marathon AND Selah can finally wear pigtails in her hair:) YAY

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  1. I have shared with another Sis in Christ how God has been providing for you and her very words were..."Tell them to stay put, they are where God wants them!" Love you all and miss you much!